Booking Terms & Condition

Bookings can be made through the followings

a)G-Connect Website
b)Call Center ( for those properties or services not found on the G-Connect Website)


Bookings should be made only for genuine reservations. We reserve the rights to cancel bookings which appear to have been made to block or hold spaces.

Amendment Policy

All bookings amendments are subjected to the amendment policy stated on the booking if there is any otherwise, it will follow the same deadlines & charges of the cancellation condition.


It is your responsibility to add and train “Agent/Staff/Direct Costomer” or users under your account and to monitor all their bookings. You will be responsible for all payments due on such bookings.



It is your responsibility to ensure that all information in the bookings is correct.

Booking Cancellation

All bookings cancellations are subjected to the cancellation conditions of the booking.

Payment / Cash

In case of any Payment / Cash given to any G-Connect staff without Gerry`s Receipt, Gerry`s will not responsible for any kind of such transaction.

Travel Agents

All Travel Agents liable to pay as per the agreed credit days

Special Notice

In case of traveler are involved any illegal / Criminal activities record Gerry`s are not taking any responsibility neither undertaking.